Le Grand-Bornand

Haute-Savoie - France

 - Annecy Mountains
Watch out for the eyes, Le Grand-Bornand invites creative minds to leave the frame ...

Among the most beautiful resorts in the French Alps, on the superb Aravis range background, Le Grand-Bornand offers you the most beautiful natural land art and an inimitable setting. It’s up to you to invent the ski that goes with it! A great ski village, Le Grand-Bornand has something to satisfy lovers of contemplative and sports skiing. Among other highlights, the famous Dénivel’Maxx and its 3 km long for 1100m non-stop drop. Unless you prefer the sequence of the four black slopes … to heat your thighs! To complete the picture, Le Grand-Bornand offers you on certain dates a unique chance to extend the pleasure of skiing by one hour and to enjoy the spectacle of the sunset on the slopes and to offer at the same time a last descent in a stunning atmosphere.

Le Grand-Bornand offers you an exceptional sports playground!
Photo filière excellence sport Outdoor - Annecy Mountains
Alpine skiing: top to bottom!
Le Grand-Bornand offers you an exceptional sports playground!

With 84km Alpine ski slopes including 16 green, 13 blue, 14 red and 3 black pistes, Le Grand-Bornand has everything it needs to treat anyone who likes chilled-out skiing or adrenalin win- ter sports. One of the hotspots is the famous 3km long “Dénivel’Maxx” with a 1100m elevation that runs non-stop from the top of Le Lachat to Grand-Bornand Village. A skier’s dream that switches between gliding along with a view and twisting between trees and old chalets past the final and spectacular red Envers turn… unless you’d prefer to get those thighs burning with four black slopes in a row (Sonnerie, Pylônes, Freeride and Lachat)!


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One of the greatest French ski resorts, Le Grand-Bornand, the authentic village and renowned winter destination between Lake Annecy and Mont Blanc, is a beautiful work of land art. It promises the (re)discovery of the mountains at your own pace, between traditions that are alive and well, a taste for sporting challenges and its own very definite character. If you’re looking for contemplation, the well-preserved chalets offer the comfort of a certain Alpine way of life, while thrillseekers can enjoy an atypical range of events and an incredible palette of sporting and artistic activities.

Le Grand-Bornand

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