The Annecy Mountains have some spectacular scenery. Fancy going a little higher to admire even better views?


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The best climbing spots in the Annecy Mountains

Around Lake Annecy, in the heart of the Aravis and Bauges massifs, the Annecy Mountains offer a fabulous playground to climbing enthusiasts.

Sites for all levels from novice to expert, so grab your climbing shoes and pick your spot!
On the banks of Lake Annecy, a number of activity providers will take you to explore the rock faces of Biclop, Duingt or the Grande Jeanne site in the forest of Le Semnoz. The wide range of routes of varying levels of difficulty means your whole group can climb together whatever their level. The Angon site is especially suitable for families.
At the Lake Annecy Sources, the Sambuy site has two separate areas, one for beginners, the other for experienced climbers. This north-facing site is particularly pleasant in summer.
Towards the Aravis sector, a number of sites can be reached from Thônes: La Balme-de-Thuy , Le Sappey or La Rosière. Not forgetting the world-famous climbing wilderness of Ablon next to the Glières plateau! A little higher up in the resorts, you’ll find the Nant Gothier rock faces in Manigod, a superb and tranquil setting offering around a dozen climbing routes. While in La Clusaz you can choose between more than 80 routes on the more popular Rochers des Aravis site. There’s something for everybody!

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A new climbing facility in Annecy

Annecy and the surrounding area have no shortage of indoor climbing centres, the latest of which is the Atome site right in the centre of Annecy, inside the Galeries Lafayette department store. Thought up by climbing fans, the idea was to create a pleasant site where all enthusiasts can enjoy their favourite pastime, but not only… This hall is also a lively venue where people come and make themselves comfortable and enjoy a bite to eat at any time of day, at Les Canailles. The facilities are intended for all levels and ages from 4 years, with boulders to suit every climber. A highly innovative tilting wall connected to the Kilter Board app enables you to push your boundaries and see how you measure up against other climbers across the world.

An alternative way to climb to the summits

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4 free via ferrata sites around Annecy

Try via ferrata in the Annecy Mountains. An alternative way to reach for the summits.

If you fancy scaling the rock but aren’t really a born climber, via ferrata makes an interesting alternative. It requires no specific knowledge, although in the interests of safety, you do need to be reasonably fit and know how to use the special equipment, which you can rent if you don’t have your own. Don’t hesitate to call upon a professional guide to accompany you. You’ll climb a rock face equipped with rungs, pedals, handles, ladders, beams, walkways and rope bridges. A fun and challenging climb!
La Cordée des Dahuts via ferrata site in La Sambuy is perfect for beginners and families. The course is fairly easy to do and takes about 1½ hours to complete. You’ll enjoy the outstanding view over Lake Annecy and Mont Blanc!
Have you already tried this activity and fancy something a little more challenging? Then try the 3 via ferrata sites in the Aravis sector. The Yves Pollet-Villard via ferrata on the Borderan rocks in La Clusaz offers a fabulous experience with 2 routes of different levels to take you to the top. The via ferrata sites La Roche à l’Agathe, located on the outskirts of Thônes, and La Tour du Jallouvre in Le Grand-Bornand are probably the most demanding and the most exposed. The former has an inclined escape route graded as extremely difficult, while the latter makes for a dizzying climb with its famous pillar, the “pilier des courants d’air”. Adrenalin guaranteed!

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Fancy trying the Alpine adventure? Go running along the ridges in the company of a professional guide.

You’re decidedly a fan of clinging to the rock! So try the fabulous experience of ridge running. A number of routes are at your disposal. These highly technical itineraries should be taken in the company of a guide from the Annecy or Aravis bureau who will be able to help determine the most suitable choice for your level and preferences. Certain routes are among the region’s legendary itineraries. The Doigt ridge leads you to the top of the Pointe Percée, the highest point in the Aravis mountains, with a view of Mont Blanc. Then there’s the Dents de Lanfon crossing. Here, between the white limestone rock, the twisted pines and the shades of turquoise blue from the lake below, you’d almost think you were in the coves around Marseille. An enchanting sensation of vertigo!