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Over millennia, Annecy has forged an intimate bond with its surrounding countryside and its mountains, whose icy waters give birth to a lake of sparkling turquoise. The “pearl of the Alps” maintains these links with its protective peaks: connected first by the tram and the development of tourism in the early twentieth century, over time they have become parts of a single geographical whole, enriched by the beauty of the surrounding villages, from the valleys of Thônes to the sources of the lake.

Ideally located at the heart of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, with Switzerland and Italy close at hand, Annecy Mountains draws together admirable natural, sporting, cultural, gastronomic and economic energies. A top-flight tourist destination, the host of several international sporting competitions, the home of flagship industries and outdoor sports, an infinite playground to explore: everything seems possible. Investment, entertainment, culture, shopping, strolling, marvelling, contemplation, delectation, skiing, swimming… all in one day, or almost!

Annecy Mountains invites you to experience moments that are incredible but true. Join us and help build the influence of a unique territory whose destiny we can all share.

 - Annecy Mountains

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