Our environment

In the space of just a few kilometres, nature concentrates countless treasures: torrents, combes, plateaux, forests, rivers, summer pastures, caves, waterfalls, mountain lakes… Every visitor receives the gift of an abundant world that is transformed as the seasons pass


Beauty can be contemplated equally in a breathtaking panorama or in the perfection of a detail – the corolla of a wild flower, the delicate hoof of a roe deer, the perfect geometry of a snowflake. Immensity and the infinitely small come together at legendary sites, unmissable viewpoints and secret hideaways discovered along the meanders of a walk.

Clusac and Lake Annecy, the Aravis chain and the Bornes and Bauges massifs: we take care to protect our still-wild environment, a paradise for adventure and outdoor sports. Our respect for nature certainly owes much to the presence of a dynamic agricultural sector, which teaches patience and humility in the face of the universe’s mysterious laws.

Almost half the territory is listed for environmental conservation: the Bout du Lac d’Annecy and Roc de Chère nature reserves, Natura 2000 sites, the Massif des Bauges UNESCO Global Geopark, remarkable natural habitats and Lake Annecy, reputed to be the purest lake in Europe… These tens of thousands of hectares of nature shelter unique ecological wealth and incredible biodiversity, both plant and animal, including bird species that are rare in Europe such as the black grouse and the bearded vulture.

Lake, mountains, countryside: in summer and in winter, our protected natural spaces are a playground for recreational activities in the great outdoors. This exceptional environment for these activities has found the perfect balance between tourism, agriculture and environmental protection.

Skieur au Grand-Bornand face aux Aravis - Annecy Mountains

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