Sectors of excellence

Proud of its past and focused resolutely on the future, our territory releases the energies of its people. Creation, innovation, expertise and highly-qualified professionals: the area has undeniable strengths condensed into five sectors of excellence.

Outdoor Sports

The first is outdoor sports, which covers all leisure activities that can be practised in nature, on land, in the air and in, under and on the water. This sector is symbolic of an exceptional natural region, an unmissable destination for snow sports in all their forms, which organises many sporting events and international competitions and is home to globally recognised companies in the sports industry. Supported by the Outdoor Sports Valley (OSV) association, the outdoor sports sector commands attention as the only cluster of its kind in France, with 439 members representing 480 sports brands, over 8000 jobs and 4.8 billion euros in revenue. OSV unites and represents these companies and contributes to their development while promoting the economic dynamism of our region at European level.


The moving image and creative industries have developed exponentially over more than 50 years in the wake of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and its associated marketplace (Mifa), a prestigious event that attracts nearly 115,000 viewers and 10,000 professionals from 80 countries. Supported by CITIA, the sector represents 310 creative companies in Haute-Savoie and 1260 jobs, 30% of them in the Annecy area. CITIA also operates the Papeteries Image Factory, a centre providing support for creators and business leaders, the Imaginove competitive cluster and the Gobelins school of images, a global benchmark in animation training. Many activities have been made possible by this powerful dynamic: animated images, 3D modelling, special effects, video games…

Business Tourism

The third sector of excellence is business tourism. Conferences, seminars, exhibitions: between the lake and the mountains, our territory offers a variety of venues and facilities in a spectacular environment combined with high-quality accommodation, immaculate service standards and impeccable catering. The Lac d’Annecy tourist office and its dedicated conference department take care of managing, promoting and organising activities in the sector, which incorporates 1400 companies and over 7000 jobs. The sector represents global revenues of 107 million euros and generates 40% of all overnight stays by tourists.


Mechatronics, the field of engineering that brings together mechanics, electronics and information technology, is applied in the automotive, aeronautical, domestic appliance and medical sectors. Supported by pioneering companies and the Thésame network, this industry accounts for over 20,000 direct and indirect jobs, underlining its leading position: our territory has the highest concentration of research structures and the most complete undergraduate training sector in France. Its reputation extends well beyond its borders, as shown by collaborations with competitive clusters in Japan and the European Mechatronics Meeting in Annecy.


There are also two powerful interdisciplinary structures for startups in the sectors of excellence: Initiative Grand Annecy, the first funding and support network for business creators and purchasers in Haute-Savoie, and Annecy Startup, which unites and accelerates the startup ecosystem under the name “French Tech in the Alps”.


The fifth and final sector of excellence is mixed farming. An integral part of our territory’s identity and economy, the agricultural sector includes 290 operations, 60% of them in dairy farming and 20% in market gardening. The sector’s most powerful symbol is Reblochon, born from the summer pastures in the Thônes valley in the 13th century. It now benefits from a protected designation of origin, as do Abondance, Chevrotin and Tome des Bauges. Tomme and Emmental de Savoie and Apple Pears have a protected geographical indication, contributing to the richness and quality of our flavour heritage.

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