Free of charge.

Heritage days: Viuz-Faverges Archeological Museum

from Sep 15 to 16, 2018

Free of charge.

Self-tour with a booklet. Guides are at your disposal in every room to answer your questions. 2 temporary exhibitions: Antiques from the Middle-East, from the Bronze Age to Byzantium Important dates of the Pays de Faverges history from 1318 to today

The archeological museum of Viuz-Faverges consists in three rooms with an abundant collection of objects from old discoveries, or recent excavations and prospecting in the region.

These objects, from the most common to the most sophisticated ones take you back to the highlights of human occupation, from the Neolithic to the XVIIth century, in the county of Faverges. Axes made of polished stone, bronze or amber jewels, coins, pottery, tools, cauldrons all bear witness to this period.